Cambridge Still Counting Council Election Returns

The Cambridge Election Commission is continuing the long and laborious process of determining the winners in Tuesday's City elections.

Yesterday, the commission redistributed the surplus votes of councillors Walter J. Sullivan and Edward A. Crane '35--the only two candidates thus far elected. Under the City's complex proportional representation voting system, this process of election of the top ranking candidates, elimination of the lower ranking ones, and redistribution of the votes will not be known until Monday at the earliest.

Hair's Breadth

Yesterday's redistribution put two challengers for council seats--School committeewoman Barbara Ackermann and Thomas W. Danehy--within a hair's breadth of election. Danehy now needs 94 votes to meet the election quota; Ackermann must pick up 172.

Incumbent councillors Alfred E. Vellucci, Thomas H. D. Mahoney, and Bernard Goldberg also appear to be moving toward re-election as the redistribution continues. Incumbent William G. Maher--now eleventh in the race for the nine council seats--is losing ground and will likely be eliminated.


The three other incumbents--Mayor Danie J. Hayes Jr., and councillors Cornelia B. Wheeler and Thomas Coates--are still locked in a battle for two council seats. Coates slipped slightly yesterday. He will have to pick up a sizeable number of votes in the next round of redistribution if he is to stay in the race.

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