Div. Faculty Meets, But Keeps Silent

May Have Discussed Support of Resisters

The Divinity School Faculty met yesterday afternoon, but no one would say whether it decided to support the eight Divinity students who handed in their draft cards at Arlington Street, Church last month.

Asked whether the faculty had reached a decision at yesterday's meeting, Herbert D. Long, dean of students, replied, "There's an awful lot of leg work to be done, and I don't know when a final decision will be announced."

Student leaders and faculty members said on November 3 that, among other ideas, the faculty would most likely consider extending financial support--and perhaps sanctuary--to the eight.

Sanctuary Against Arrest

Financial support would probably consist of funds for legal aid. A decision to provide sanctuary would be a stronger measure, committing the faculty to shelter the resisters in Andover Chapel when federal agents come to arrest them. According to lawyers for the resisters, the eight are almost surely to be prosecuted.

"It was a closed faculty meeting and I'm not at liberty to say what was discussed," Long continued, but it is almost certain that the faculty did consider possible action in support of the eight at its meeting."

Faculty Committee Appointed

On November 1 a four-member faculty committee, headed by Harvey G. Cox, associate professor of Church and Society, was appointed by the faculty to come up with specific proposals on the eight.

On November 3 Long said that the faculty "will give the resisters whatever support they need," and Lawrence L. Burkholder, Victor S. Thomas professor of Divinity, said that the faculty will "stand by the draft resisters." Since then there has been no comment from the Divinity School.

The faculty committee met last Wednesday, but Cox would not reveal the proceedings.

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