Business School Plans $3.8 Million Expansion


The Corporation has decided to spend $3.8 million on two new building complexes for special programs at the Business School.

The school will build a $3.2 million dormitory-classroom complex for its Advanced Management Program, now located in cramped quarters in Hamilton Hall. The International Teachers Program, which the school put on a permanent basis a year ago, will receive a similar $600,000 home.

The AMP complex will contain two buildings -- a dormitory for the program's 160 students and a connecting building with classrooms, a library, and conference rooms. Construction will begin in March, 1968, at a site off Soldiers Field Rd. The occupancy date is September, 1969.

Nearly 85 per cent of the funds for the AMP buildings have been collected. The money came from the companies with executives in the program, a three-month course in management theory and technique.

The two AMP buildings will eventually from an Executive Development Center for the AMP and the Program for Management Development. The entire project will probably not be completed before 1973, since the other buildings are not yet financed.

The ITP building will house 20 unmarried students and have conference rooms and classrooms. Construction on the site between Morgan Hall and North Harvard St. will begin this summer, so that the program can change quarters on September, 1968.

Anonymous Donor

The $600,000 required to construct the ITP facilities came from an anonymous donor. The program trains foreign teachers of business management, especially those from underdeveloped countries.

W. G. Knopf, assistant dean of the Business School, said yesterday that the construction program should relieve the crowding in the older parts of the school. The Faculty Sub-committee on the Use of Resources is presently preparing recommendations on the use of the buildings to be vacated by the AMP.

Though the subcommittee is studying various proposals, most involve either an expansion of the special programs for executives or an enlargement of the School's MBA program.