Phi Beta Kappa Names 99 Seniors Honors Them in Ceremony Today

The Harvard Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa yesterday announced the election of 99 graduating seniors to the Alpha Chapter of Massachusetts. Elected were:

Adams House

David B. Ansen of Beverly Hills, Calif. (English); Richard C. Backus of Goffstown, N.H. (English); Paul P. Hamburg of Great Neck, N.Y. (History); John A. Lithgow of Princeton, N.J. (History and Literature); James C. Pinney of Madison, Wisc. (Social Relations); Richard P. Rogers of New York (English); John M. Ross of New York (Social Relations); Christopher St. John of Weston, Mass. (History); Robert J. Samuelson of New York (Government) and David M. Schiller of Lynbrook, N.Y. (English), and Howard M. Slyter of Portland, Ore. (Social Relations).

Dudley House

Charles A. Braun of New York (History and Literature); Douglas M. Campbell of San Carlos, Calif. (Mathematics); Robert F. Carter Jr. of Chattanooga, Tenn. (English); William V.B. Damon of Cambridge (Social Relations); Robert C. Finch of Cambridge (English); J. R. Huntsberger of Palo Alto, Calif. (Economics); Roger A. Lewin of Cleveland Heights O. (Social Studies); W.F. Marzluff Jr. of Stanford, Conn. (Chemistry); Mack Phillips of Newton (History); Jeremy D. Pool of Menlo Park, Calif. (Social Relations); Jon M. Rosenblatt of New York (English); Roger E. Rosenblatt of Alexandria, Va. (Social Relations): S.L. Saltonstall of Boston (History and Literature) and Robert E. Wood of Radnor, Pa. (Social Studies).


Dunster House

Ritchard G. Cable of Rochester, N.Y. (Mathematics); David L. Engel of Dayton, O. (Economics); Alan N. Granger of Berkley, Mich. (History and Literature); John A. Gresham of Mt. Lebanon, Pa. (Social Relations); Albert J. Hudspeth of Houston, Tex. (Biochemistry); Bruce R. Leslie of Brooklyn, N.Y. (Biology); G.W. Schaumburg Jr. of Provo, Utah (Applied Mathematics); Allen Trasher of Norfolk, Va. (Sanskrit); Ronald L. Trosper of Milwaukee, Wisc. (Social Studies); Pieter M. Visscher of Minneapolis, Minn. (Physics) and David A. Wendt of Haddonfield, N.J. (Social Studies).

Eliot House

David Avshalomov of Portland, Ore. (Music); H.M. Georgi of Far Hills, N.Y. (Physics); R.M. Greenstein of Wyncote, Pa. (History); David Harrison Jr. of Los Angeles, Calif. (Economics); Richard G. Harrison of Baltimore, Md. (Chemistry); Jeremy P. Kagan of Mt. Vernon, N.Y. (History and Literature); Philip J. Kapian of Cambridge (Government); Lowry Pei of St. Louis, Mo. (English); Charles Popper of New Rochelle, N.Y. (Applied Math); Victor Rosov of Brooklyn, N.Y. (English); Peter J. Swift of Upper Montclair, N.J. (History) and Mark J. Webber of St. Louis, Mo. (German).

Kirkland House

Robert H. Azbug of Great Neck, N.Y. (History); Jonathan Boorstin of Chicago, Ill. (History); Bruce L. Bush of Chicago, Ill. (Physics); A.C. Dearing 3rd of Louisville, Ky. (Chemistry and Physics); Jeffrey B. Rauch of Far Rockaway, N.Y. (Mathematics) and John G. Rhodes Jr. of Tampa, Fla. (Fine Arts).

Leverett House

Richard Blumenthal of New York (Government); Claudi Canizares of Yonkers, N.Y. (Physics); Gregory B. Craig of McLean, Va. (History); Stuart A. Davis of Winchester (English); Donald J. Friedman of Evanston, Ill. (History); Kenneth C. Froewiss of Short Hills, N.J. (Economics); David J. Gleason of New Britain, Conn. (History); A. Arthur Kuflik of Brooklyn, N.Y. (Philosophy); William L. Lepowsky of Flushing, N.Y. (Mathematics) and David S. Lindsay of New York (Physics).

Lowell House

Enser W. Cole 3rd of Arlington, Va. (Biology); Harvey V. Fineberg of Pittsburgh, Pa. (Psychology); D. N. Fruedenberger of Rochester, N.Y. (English); Allan R. Glass of Fairefield, Conn. (Engineering and Applied Physics); David R. Goldman of Maplewood, N.J. (English); Stephen Griffith of Washington, D. C. (Government); Walter Hellerstein of New York (Government); Paul C. Julien of Waltham (Physics); D. B. MacDonald of Mercer Island, Wash. (History); E.J. McDonald Jr. of Washington, D.C. (Biology); Daniel C. S. Moulton of New York (Classics); James E. Pesando of Andover (Economics) and Woodriff D. Smith of San Antonio, Tex. (History).

Quincy House

lian D. Benham of Kabul, Afghanistan (Social Studies); Robert G. Damus of San Bernadino, Calif. (Philosophy); Ronald E. Davis of Bloomfield, N.Y. (Applied Math); Gilbert S. Doctorow of Spring Valley, N.Y. (History); David M. Engel of Ann Arbor, Mich. (History and Literature); Stephen A. Hart of New York (Social Relations); Daniel R. Issacson of Oakland, Calif. (Mathematics); John P. Oleson of Deare River, N.Y. (Clissics); John M. Pesando of Andover (Biochemistry); Charles A. Pine of Phoeniz, Ariz. (Matrematics); A.B. Schmookler of New Brighton, Minn. (Social Relations); Jeffrey P. Swope of Ann Arbor, Mich. (Government) and Steven Varga-Golovcsenko of Huntington Station, N.Y. (History).

Winthrop House

Kendall C. Crook of Kokomo, Ind. (Government); R.L. Ehrenberg of Clifton, N.Y. (Physics); Nils E. Ekfelt of College Station, Tex.. (German): John B. Foster Jr. of Monkato, Minn. (Slavic); Andrew M. Lewis of Richmond, Va. (Mathematics); Stephen D. Roper of Portland, Ore. (Biology): Mark L. Rosenberg of Montclair, N.J. (Biology); Martin I. Slate of Quincy (Linguistics and Classics) and Mark V. Tushnet of Maplewood, N.J. (Government).

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