College Curtails Wives Office But Keeps Services

The University is transferring the services of the Harvard Wives Office to various other administrative offices. The sudden curtailment of the service organization coincided with the retirement of Mabel B. Baker from her position as adviser of the Harvard Wives.

Mrs. Baker, whose husband, Myles P. Baker '22, is an assistant clinical professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School, organized the Harvard Wives' Office after World War II to help wives of veterans with such problems as finding homes, part-time jobs, babysitters, and information of all sorts. Veterans made up almost all of the student body in 1946-1947.

Difficult to Replace

Charles P. Whitlock, assistant to the President for Civic and Governmental Relations, said last night that the reason for the move was primarily the difficulty of finding someone to replace Mrs. Baker. He added that other offices in the University, such as the Personnel Office and the Information Center, would take over all of Mrs. Baker's duties.

William M. Pinkerton, news officer for the University, said yesterday that the Information Center will keep lists of people who do specific things--such as typing papers, babysitting, and so on--available to those who need them. The Housing Office helps people associated with the University find places to live, and similarly the Personnel Office helps with jobs.

He added, however, that they "wouldn't be able to give the personal attention that Mrs. Baker did."