SDSers Fined For Roles In Hospital Row

Mt. Auburn Melee Costs Students $60

Two Harvard students were found guilty in Third District County Court Wednesday on charges of "malicious destruction of property" and "disturbing the peace".

Judge M. Edward Viola fined Ronald Stoia '68 $40, and William L. Bishoff, a graduate student, $20.

The students were arrested July 8 during a demonstration at the Mt. Auburn Hospital. The United Hospital Workers Union had picketed the hospital in a dispute with the management over the right to unionize the non-professional workers in the hospital.

About 70 students mostly affiliated with local SDS chapters attended the demonstration which ended in a melee with police in front of the hospital entrance.

Also found guilty yesterday were Paul Schachter, and Paul Greene, both of M.I.T. and Richard Rogers, vice-president of Local 35 of the United Hospital Workers Union. They received fines totalling $100.

Francis J. Keady, president of Local 35 of the United Hospital Workers Union said last night that the group had appealed the case.

'Bag Job'

Keady said the case was "really a bag job." He contended that the union had reached an agreement with the police before the trial to have the case continued for three months. If none of the defendents had a criminal offense during the period, the case against them would be dropped. In that case, none of the defendents would have had a police record "which is what we wanted," Keady said.

But when the case came up, Keady said, the judge would not allow a continuance. Instead, he lectured the group. According to Keady he told the students they ought to go to Mississippi to do their organizing where it was really necessary and not in Cambridge.