Lions Lick Crimson Swordsmen; Penn Tramples Wrestlers, 25-8

Padlak, Freedman Win for Harvard

The Harvard fencers were defeated by expert swordsmen from Columbia University in a New York City meet last Saturday.

A 21-6 score established the superiority of the Crimson's big-city opponents.

Only saber came anywhere near a win with a 5-4 loss by Bob Barnard. Ron Winfield. and Pres Abbott. Barnard and Winfield, each fenced extremely well, bringing in two wins each.

The most formidable opposition to the sabermen, according to Harvard captain Harry Jergesen, was Columbia captain Frank Loey fencing in "classical New York style." Winfield and Barnard both did well but were simply outclassed by this excellent fencer.

Only one bout was won in epee, taken by Harry Jergesen.

The Harvard team meets Trinity at 4 p.m. today in the IAB. Coach Edo Marion plans to fence foilsmen Art Weissman and Cliff Ruderman in epee as part of a plan to keep the two weapons, foil and epee, interconvertable.

Both Weissman and Ruderman have fenced single bouts in epee before but neither, according to Jergesen, has fenced a whole match in that weapon.

Penn crushed an injury-riddled Harvard wrestling team, 25-8, on Saturday as the Crimson managed only two victories.

Wrestling in Philadelphia. Harvard saw its Ivy record fall to 0-2, losing to a team it had soundly beaten last year. And unlike its loss to Cornell before vacation. Harvard this time fell out of the running early.

After captain Andy Kopecki's (123) opening draw with Penn's Mike Hannon, at 4-4, Harvard lost five consecutive matches. Included among those was Mike Morris' (137) 7-2 loss to Quaker Vic Antes. Morris, who had not gone out for the team this year, volunteered for action when Harvard's Bruce Goodman dislocated his elbow wrestling at 137 against M.I.T. Wednesday.

Paul Padlak (167) and Howie Freedman (191) recorded Harvard's only two victories. Padlak outclassed Bob Goslin, 9-1, for his second straight overwhelming decision, and Freedman nipped Dave Pottruck, 4-3, for his second straight decision.

Both Padlak and Freedman continued to wrestle a class above their normal positions to compensate for the loss of sophomore Jim Abbott, still out with an injury. Bob Panoff (hvy) and Dan Naylor (130) wrestled despite injuries and both lost.

Harvard's other wrestlers were Jeff Seder (145), losing to Dick Levitt, 3-1; John Eng (152), losing to Jed Olmstead, 7-0; Bill Zinn (160), losing to Gail Smith, 5-3; and Howie Chatterton (177), losing to Dave Laboskey, 5-3.

Last year, Harvard beat Penn in the IAB, 24-12. In the meet, Kopecki pinned Hannon, the man he tied Saturday, and Naylor pinned Antes, the man who decisioned Morris.

Harvard's next meet will be on Saturday, Feb. 3, against Army in the IAB.