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By Robert P. Marshall jr.

Still "Reelin' and Rockin'" (Chuck Berry) from the "Tragedy" (Thomas Wayne) of WRKO's Top 300 "Weekend" (Kingsmen), we nevertheless will try to "return to those thrilling days of yesteryear" (William Tell Overture), and come up with another Crimson quiz on "Those Oldies But Goodies" (Little Caesar & Romans). "I Got a Feeling." (Ricky Nelson) that memories "Maybe" (Chantels) growing short, and present freshmen, anyway, are "So Young" (Students), so we're added a lot of trash to the official "Big Beat" (Fats Domino) "Field of Concentration" (Dean Watson). Answers can be submitted to the Crimson building by "Tomorrow" (Shirelles), but "Don't" (Elvis) look for "Money" (Barret Strong) or any prize beyond "Publicity" (Loyd Price). "Sincerely," (Moonglows)

P.S. I Love You (Hilltoppers)

Winning Combinations

Complete these pairings that symbolized great romances in the golden past:

1. Tan Shoes and...

2. A Rose and...

3. A White Sportcoat and...

Urban Issues

What cities were honored in song titles by these artists?

4. Wilber Harrison

5. U.S. Bonds

6. Chuck Berry

7. Joiner Jr. High School Marching Band

Square Pegs Who Fit

Who sang of these immortal lovers?

8. Johnny Jingo

9. Oliver Twist

10. Norman

11. Johnny Angel

Rhythmic Digitals

12-13. Two famous telephone numbers advertising love at any time are identical except for the first of seven digits. What are the numbers, and whose are they?

For History Majors

14. New Orleans

15. Waterloo

16. Koukamunga

Time-proven Catapulters

What long and illustrious careers were launched by these smashes?

17. "I Met Him on a Sunday"

18. "I Wonder Why"

19. "Dede Dinah"

20. "That'll Be the Day"


Name the artists behind these iconoclastic tunes:

21. "He's A Rebel"

22. "The Rebel"

23. "Rebel Rouser"

Science Fiction

Who sang these horrible songs?

24. "Dinner With Dracula"

25. "Monster Mash"

26. "Alvin's Harmonica"


27.-29. Name three female singers who have recorded with Marvin Gaye.

Jones Boys

Was it Joe, Tom, Jimmy, George, Dalton or Bo Jones that sang these songs?

30. "Tiger By the Tail"

31. "You Talk Too Much"

32. "Good Timin'"

33. "It's Not Unusual"

One-Shot Men

What is the solitary big hit that lives on for each of these artists?

34. Robin Luke

35. Jimmy Bowen

36. Donny Brooks

37. Johnny Ace


Who sputtered these classic punctuations?

38. Rama-lama-lama-lama-ding-dong

39. Oo-ee-oo-ah-ah, ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang

40. Be-bop-a-lulu


41. For what group was Len Barry originally the lead singer?

42. Shep & Limelights's "Daddy's Home" was a rehash of what all-time classic?

A Boy and a Girl

What were the duets that made these songs popular?

43. Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb

44. Love Is Strange

45. Over The Mountain

46. La Dee Dah

47. Ooshelala

48. Lucky Penny

Poetry, Man

From what songs do these charming couplets stand out?

49. "She thinks her advice is the constitution, But if she would leave that would be the solution"

50. "You get a nickel, I'll get a dime, We'll go out and buy some wine"

51. "Ue o muite aruko, namida ga kobore nai yoni Omoidasu haru no hi, hitori bochi no yoru"

52. "Your separate parts are not unknown, But the way you assemble them's all your own"

Mythological Heroes

Early rock'n 'roll stars were not unaware of the greats that preceded them. Who, for example, sang these songs:

53. Venus

54. Run, Samson, Run

55. Stupid Cupid


Who sang these songs that paid particular attention to a certain first person singular pronoun, nominative case:

56. A Fool Such As I

57. It was I

58. I

Primacy, Again

What were the hits that first brought these groups to national prominence?

59. Four Seasons

60. Everly Brothers

61. Kingston Trio

62. Fleetwoods

Very Low, Indeed

Can you find a common denominator in the titles of a song each by:

63. The Dovelles

64. Little Joey & Flips

65. Bobby Comstock & Counts

Fact, Not Opinion

66-68. Who is the worst singer in rock 'n'roll history, and what was his first hit? his biggest hit? any other song ho "sang"?

Creepy Crawlies

What insects do you associate with the following:

69. "You Were Mine"

70. Charlie Gracie

71. "Please Please Me"

72. Billy & Lilly

How Far Is Love?

What distances figured in song titles by these artists?

73. Four Preps

74. Duane Eddy

75. Chubby Checker

Turn It Over

The following songs were big hits, but their flip sides were even bigger. What were the other sides, or if that stumps you, who sang these?

76. Hound Dog

77. Claudette

78. Leroy

No Moderation

Who sang?

79. Everyday

80. Everybody

81. Every Breath I Take

82. Every Beat of My Heart

83. Every Day I Have to Cry Scme


Who made these never-to-be-forgotten comparisons:

84. "And lots of wavy hair like Liberace

85. "And like a Northwest Mountie, you know I'll bring her in"

86. "I like it like that"


87-100. For the final 14 points, identify and discuss the following proposition:

"Rock 'n' Roll Is Here to Stay"

(Answers Wednesday)

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