Lowell House Introduces Hum 10; Gen Ed Course Begins in Spring

Lowell House has become the second Harvard House to create its own General Education course.

Following the precedent of Winthrop House, which now offers three General Education courses, Lowell House tutors will offer a lower level Humanities course this spring entitled Humanities 10, "The Modern Sensibility."

Lowell House has already created House sections in Humanities 75 and Economics 1.


Humanities 10 will be patterned after the Winthrop House course of the same name. It will cover topics including music and art history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and such modern thinkers as Nietzsche, Tomas Mann, Rilke, Freud, and Yeats.

Jack M. Stein, professor of German, will head the Lowell House course.


Satisfies Requirement

Hum 10 will satisfy one-half of the basic General Education requirement in Humanities.

No exams will be given. But students will be assigned one major paper and several shorter papers.

According to Robert Stiefel, Assistant Senior Tutor in Lowell House, "Humanities 10 will stress modes of thought and will attempt to gather a highly diversified group of tutors and students."

Harvard and Radcliffe undergraduates may apply for admission to the course, but enrollment will be limited to 15 students.

Edward T. Wilcox, Director of the Program of General Education, said yesterday that house courses are "still conceived as very experimental."

Currently, Winthrop House is offering Soc Sci 9, a course on U.S. government and politics, and its own Hum 10. The original House course, Nat Sci 1, taught by Bruce Chalmers, Master of Winthrop House, is not being offered this year.