Confident J.V. Booters Will Meet Inexperienced Tech Eleven Today

In spite of the loss of both its starting fullbacks, Harvard's JV soccer team is expected to roll over its M.I.T. counter-part today.

Fullback replacements Eddy Atwood and Jim Fitzgerald, both sophomores, will provide an excellent backfield, according to Crimson coach Seamus Malin. "Both players would ordinarily be starting, anyway, if we didn't have such good depth this year," said Malin.

Harvard's record so far is 2-1. The Crimson is traditionally strong. This year's first game loss was the first in 24 games.

Today's game will mark the JV booters' last game before they enter the second, tougher part of the schedule against Brown, Princeton and Yale. Harvard's M.I.T. opponents will be playing only their second game of the season.

Coach Malin's chief concern today is that his defense doesn't get lured up to midfield against M.I.T.'s customary "long clear" defense which clears shots with long kicks to midfield. Malin has been pleased with what he calls his players' "excellent teamwork" so far. Although there have been no prolific scorers, the team has had several consistent ballplayers.

Harvard will continue to use its short-passing game. If it rains today, as expected, both goalies will be at a disadvantage and both teams will be attempting to shoot more and pass less.