Yardling Hoopsters Romp, Swamp Wentworth, 100-55

Five Yardlings scored in double figures as the freshman basketball team trounced Wentworth Institute, 100-55, last night in the IAB for its first victory of the season in three contests.

Wayne Clapp highlighted the Crimson's successful performance with 16 points and excellent rebounding. Clapp scored most of his points from underneath and teamed with Bill Newkirk to pace Harvard on the boards.

The four other Yardlings in double figures were Newkirk (14), Matt Bozek (12), John O'Brien (12), and Brian Newmark (11). The freshmen played a running game, directed by Bozek, who missed last Tuesday's B.C. game.

While Harvard racked up points consistently, the Wentworth squad had trouble penetrating the Crimson's tight defense and was forced to make many shots from the outside. The Yardlings had little trouble pulling the usually errant shots off the boards.

Two of the visitors did manage to score in double figures. Fred Livingston and Al Priest tallied 16 points apiece to keep the Wentworth team from completely giving up. Harvard boasted a 57-23 margin at the half.

The convincing victory came as a welcome relief after games against tough opponents from Springfield and Boston College. In the Springfield game, which Harvard lost, 110-98, the Yardlings were led offensively by Bozek and Newkirk, who scored 26 and 21 points respectively.

The Crimson J.V.'s will meet the same Wentworth team on Monday, while the Yardlings will play next against Worcester Academy at 3 p.m. Saturday. Both games will take place in the IAB.