The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

On the eve of this year's second visit of the recruiters for Dow Chemical Company I should like to address some comments not to the students who have and presumably again will protest, but to those members of the Harvard community who chose to interpret the protests not symbolically, but literally within the legal framework of the community.

To them I would like to say that there comes a time when emotions run so high that they are best expressed in symbolic gestures, and one no longer wishes to think literally about some issues. I can say best what I mean by asking them, "How would you have felt about the right to recruit of representatives of the companies that were supplying the gas for the gas chambers?"

If their answer is that these men were doing their jobs--which they were--then we have reached a degree of understanding. If they begin to splutter, then I have gotten my point across. Ruth Hubbard   (Mrs. George Wald)   Research Associate in Biology


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