Dallas May Sign Harvard's Brooks

"The scout from the Broncos told me that the '49ers would use me for cannon fodder in the tryout camp," Crimson offensive tackle Bob Brooks said yesterday.

Brooks plans to attend a rookie camp with the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL on March 15. The Cowboys, the '49ers, and the Denver Broncos of the AFL are all interested in signing the All-Ivy performer as a free agent.

The scouting computer used by the Cowboys rated Brooks among the 50 best linemen in the nation last year, but due to his questionable draft status, he was not picked by any club.

Brooks himself is unsure whether he will sign. "I'm investigating OCS right now," he said, "but I could end up kicking myself for the rest of my life if I don't give pro football a try."

Asked about the prospects of facing All-Pro Tackle Bob Lilly in a scrimmage, he answered. "You only know how good a man really is after you've met him head-to-head."

The Cowboys have also negotiated with Harvard's record-breaking end, Carter Lord, and according to Brooks, it is quite possible that they'll both be trying to make the team at linebacker.