Ford Presented Compromise Plan On Dunster Hall

An ad hoc committee recommended to Dean Ford yesterday a compromise plan that would allow Dunster House residents to keep their dining hall until April 1 of next year.

After that date, Dunster men would continue to eat breakfast in the House, would be able to take lunch at any Harvard dining hall, and would eat dinner together at either the Freshman Union or the Business School's Kresge Hall.

Dunster residents had originally feared the loss of the House dining hall through all the Spring 1969 semester, to allow remodeling of the kitchen. The kitchen will serve both Dunster and the new tenth House, Mather House, when the latter opens in September, 1969.

The ad hoc committee passed on to Ford a plan already approved by Dunster House residents last week.

The committee's chairman is Arthur D. Trottenberg '48, assistant dean of the Faculty for Resources and Planning. Its members are Alwin M. Pappenheimer '29, Master of Dunster House, Roger Rosenblatt, Allston Burr Senior Tutor in Dunster House, C. Graham Hurlburt Jr., director of the Food Services Department, Frank J. Weissbecker, assistant director of the Food Services Department, William S. Gardiner, deputy director of Buildings and Grounds, Peter W. Schandorff '68, and Thomas J. Shields '69.

Substantial Risk

Committee members met yesterday morning in Trottenberg's University Hall office. Trottenberg said after the meeting that there is substantial risk that the new plan, if approved, would delay completion of the Mather-Dunster kitchen past the opening of the Fall 1969 semester.

But Trottenberg said the committee decided the risk was worth taking to avoid complete closing of Dunster's dinning hall next Spring.

Dunster residents had rejected two other suggestions tossed out by the ad hoc committee. One would have had temporary kitchen facilities established in the Dunster Junior Common Room and small dining room while remodeling began next January 1. The other would have had remodeling begin February 1, with students following the same eating arrangement now recommended to begin April 1 in the compromise plan.