Campaign Work To Be Arranged By JFK Institute

Students who want campaign jobs with Massachusetts candidates next fall will be able to get them through the Institute of Politics in the John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Democratic and Republican State Committees have agreed to cooperate with the Institute in opening positions to student volunteers on selected candidates' campaign staffs in speech-writing, research, and organization.

The Republican State Committee has already named four candidates interested in using student volunteers as assistants: Malcolm E. Peabody, Jr. '50, candidate for U.S. Congress; John Sears '52, High Sheriff of Suffolk County; Martin Linsky, running for the State House of Representatives; and John Quinlan '57, state senator running for re-election.

Democratic List

Democrats will name a similar list of candidates in September.


Students may also join Republican or Democratic "teams" of ward heelers during the campaign. Each team will be responsible for getting out the vote in its ward in all elections from Presidential to local.

After the campaign the Institute will enlist several Massachusetts political figures as leaders of its non-credit student study groups on state and local politics.

Sears and Lester Hyman, Chairman of the State Democratic Committee, will be among study group leaders. Others are Barney Frank '62, Executive Assistant to Mayor Kevin White of Boston; and Michael Jane way '62, an editor of the Atlantic Monthly.