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Paul W. Cherington '40, James J. Hill Professor of Transportation, has been revealed as the leading candidate for undersecretary in Governor John A. Volpe's Department of Transportation, according to a report in Friday's Boston Globe.

At the same time, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Nixon's chief urban advisor, has appointed as his deputy Stephen Hess, who last year was a fellow at the Institute of Polities of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy School of Government. Hess is a former Eisenhower aide who recently coauthored a book about political cartoons in America, The Ungentlemanly Art.

Cherington is a member of President-elect Nixon's task force on transportation problems and has been working with Volpe and his staff during the past few days in Washington.

Cherington teaches at the Business School, specializing in aviation studies. Volpe is reportedly looking for a colleague with a knowledge of the Federal Aviation Agency and the Civil Aeronautics Board, both of which are under his jurisdiction. Cherington has worked for the CAB and co-authored a book, Airline Price Policy, in 1958.

Volpe was confirmed unanimously by the Senate Commerce Committee Thursday and will assuredly be accepted by the Senate this week.

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