Five Harvard Skiers Will Slalom In New Jersey Tournament Today

The Harvard ski team will enter five Alpine skiers--the largest entry of any college--in the Great Gourge National Qualifying Tournament being held today in Mcafee, New Jersey.

Ski coach Richard Friedman Jr. called the entry, "an amazing show of the tremendous power we have." "We would be lucky in years past if we placed one entry in such a tournament," he said.

Those competing will be William Draper, Allan Watson, Jay O'Rear, Larry Carter. They will be competing with ten other top Eastern skiers and 15 members of the U.S. National Ski Team.

Coach Friedman is expecting the best performance to come from Bill Draper and Larry Carter. Draper was ranked fourth by the NCAA last year and Carter won a fifth place in the Harvard Challenge Cup.

The Harvard Tournament was held at Loon Mountain and included the best Alpine skiers in the nation. Peter Carter, as well as his brother Larry, placed in the tournament, coming in twelth.


Alpine skiing includes all slalom events. per, Allan Watson, Jay O'Rear, and Larry Nordic skiing includes such events as the jump and cross country runs.

Harvard competed in two tournaments over the Christmas vacation. In a Waterville Valley Tournament Jim Platz took a first in the class A-B jump while in the class C jump Ray Ingersoll placed second and Jim Wolf placed fifth. The Waterville Valley Tournament came at the end of a one week Harvard training camp.

Platz again took a first in the jump at the Lyndonville, Vt. Tournament held on Dec. 27. Ingersoll also placed with a seventh, in the jump. In the cross country competition Steve Hinkle placed sixteenth.

Coach Friedman-was very pleased by the team's strong showing in the jump but said the sub-bar showing in the cross country showed the team's lack of practice as compared to other college teams.

Commenting on the freshman team, Friedman said, "Several freshman came up to our training camp and showed great promise. It should be a strong team.

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