To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

My class of 1930 is a long generation out of Harvard, but as a Cambridge resident I follow student action with interest, especially through the CRIMSON.

I see the current ROTC controversy not as a problem but rather as a great opportunity. Considering that the presidential election offered no choice about the war, opposition to such a peripheral matter as the ROTC is fully justified. I cannot imagine a reversal in the rising tide of aversion for a war which is not only disastrous but more and more is recognized as paralyzing the morals of all involved.

Already there are signs that the old and new national administrations want to retract but realize that reversing policy hurts like an ear unfreezing.

I hope the University Faculty and officers will use the student pressure as a reason to put out the ROTC and certainly not the protesters. As a side benefit mechanisms ought to develop for greater communication of new ideas from today's thinking students. John C. Gray '30