Crimson J.V. Soccer Team Walks Past Engineers, 5-1

"We didn't play very well." Harvard's junior varsity soccer coach Seamus Malin said yesterday in describing his team's 5-1 massacre of M.I.T.

The Crimson dominated play throughout the match, rolling up a five-goal lead and stifling any M.I.T. attack. "But we played better in Monday's scrimmage against the varsity." Malin said.

"I don't think the team was challenged. When you're not playing a strong team. it's very easy to let up," Malin explained. "Our forwards had a very weak day, but that probably was because they knew they would have plenty of chances to score." he added.

Highlight of the one-sided game was the Crimson's halfback play. Coach Malin praised center half Bob Woods and sophomore Bob Rock. "Thanks to them we controlled the middle of the field all afternoon." Malin said.

Woods scored the only goal of the first period when he fired a hard shot from outside the penalty area. Second-line forward Greg Hornig increased the Crimson lead as he knocked in a beautiful headed pass from teammate Dave Wylie. A penalty shot from Pete Kertes's foot gave Harvard a 3-0 lead at the half.


Prettiest Play

Left wing Bill Bellows scored the prettiest goal of the afternoon in the third period with a hard shot off the inside post and substitute Tom Villa added another Harvard tally in the third session.

Careless defensive play in the final five minutes of the game allowed the Engineers to ruin the Crimson's shutout.

"We will play better against better opposition." Malin said in defense of his squad. "We'll have to improve because we play a good, solid Amherst team this Saturday." he said.