National Educators Group Hits Student Moratorium

Four Harvard professors yesterday gave qualified support to a statement issued Monday by a nation-wide group of college instructors denouncing the shutdown of universities during the Vietnam Moratorium.

Closing universities is "a violation of the civil liberties of dissenting students and faculty members," the statement of the University Centers for Rational Alternatives, Inc., (UCRA) said.

The Harvard Faculty members supporting the statement are: Nathan Glazer, professor of Urban Sociology: George C. Homans 32, professor of Sociology: Willard V. Quine. Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy: and Israel Scheffler, Victor S. Thomas Professor of Education and Philosophy.

All four-along with Oscar Handlin, Charles Warren Professor of American History, who is in Switzerland this semester-are "charter sponsors" of UCRA. None have been active in the group, however. and Harvard does not have a UCRA chapter.

UCRA did not rule out individual or collective protest by cutting classes, "provided no effort was made to prevent students who felt differently from attending class." the statement said. The group stated also that students should have an opportunity to make up classes cancelled for the protest, if they so desired.

Moratorium is "Fine"


Scheffler said that he shared the group's desire "to protect the interests of people with differing opinions." but added that the Moratorium as it is planned at Harvard is "fine."

Glazer stated that he agreed with the "general orientation" of UCRA. Homans agreed with the UCRA statement that coercion should have no part in the Moratorium. Both stated, however, that the Moratorium at Harvard would not face the problems mentioned by UCRA.

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