GE Recruiting Disrupted

About 50 members of the radical November Action Committee (NAC) disrupted recruiting for the General Electric corporation at M. I. T. yesterday afternoon.

Chanting "Six, five, four, three; organize to smash G. E.," the group marched to the door of the recruiters' office, where they were stopped by Dean Kenneth R. Wadleigh of M. I. T., other members of the M. I. T. administration, and campus policemen.

Wadleigh warned that those who did not leave immediately would be subject to "severe disciplinary action" and trespassing charges.

After a 10-minute discussion, the demonstrators left, some going on to participate in a similar disruption at Northeastern University.

Explaining the choice of G. E. as a target, Charles Simmons, M. I. T. student and member of both Rosa Luxembourg-SDS and the November Action Committee, said. "By working at this time, they [the recruiters] are hurting the striking workers."


Over three-quarters of G. E.'s 170,000 employees went on strike Monday, demanding increased wages, improved benefits, and a change in the company's bargaining policy.

At Northeastern, a group of about 20 students, mostly affiliated with the NAC, also marched to the office where G. E. representatives were recruiting. The demonstrators left before entering the office.