Picket at M. I. T.

The November Action Coalition disclosed plans last night to occupy the Center for International Studies and administrative offices at M. I. T. for one afternoon on November 4. The next morning members of the group will set up an obstructive picket around M. I. T.'s Instrumentation Laboratories.

At Harvard's NAC chapter meeting lastnight, some 60 members heard alternative plans for occupying another building-either the Center for International Affairs at Harvard or the ROTC building at Northeastern University- if the demonstration meets large-scale police opposition at M. I. T. on Tuesday.

The NAC is a loose coalition of student radicals, minority - group "liberation fronts" and militant women's organizations. The Harvard chapter is composed mainly of the former members of the now-defunet New Lett caucus of SDS.

Next Tuesday, after an hour-long rally beginning at noon on M. I. T.'s Kresge Plaza, the demonstrators plan to march into the administrative building, leaving 200 members there to occupy office during the atternoon. The rest of the group will attempt to enter and hold the Center for International Studies until 1 p. m. in support of demands that M. I. T. halt seven war-related research projects.

After speading the night legally occupying the M. I. T. student center, NAC win begin picket lines around the instrumentation Laboratories, to hall research being undertaken there. A march through downtown Boston on Saturday will conclude the "week of struggle."


"The November Action is a long-range movement to attack institutions that support American imperialism. It is not an apocalyptic move to end these projects, but ratner designed to draw attention to M. I. T.'s activities and build support, perhaps in the form of a student strike," said Claudia Angelos 71. Harvard's temporary representative on the citywide tactics committee.