Ali McGraw Plays Cliffie Again

Lifting the skirt of the Radcliffe girl a little higher above the knee. Ali McGraw again stars as a Harvard coed.

Love Story, written by Erich W. Segal 58- now teaching classics at Yale- focuses on the romance of a Harvard hockey jock and a Radcliffe music major.

For the hockey scrimmaging segments, the Paramount production staff plans to simulate two games in the Watson Rink, using Harvard's varsity team. Harvard players will also fill the roles of Cornell and Dartmouth opponents.

David Golden, producer of Love Story, said. "We have permission from Dartmouth and Cornell to use their uniforms as long as we show their teams winning."

"We'll use a couple hundred students as background in the stands." Golden said. Harvard and Radcliffe students will be needed. Paramount will pay $10 to $15 per day plus lunch for each extra. Unfortunately, the Harvard hockey squad cannot be paid or their playing status would be jeopardized.


To establish the atmosphere of the Harvard campus, several scenes will be filmed around Cambridge. The only indoor shooting will be at Watson Rink, but thefilm's crew got permission to photograph the facade of Briggs Hall in the Radcliffe Quad.

Starting next week. permanent casting offices for Love Story will open in the Lennox Hotel in Boston. Last month a few talent scouts approached girls in the Briggs dining room. but those interested will still have a chance to apply for screening.

Shooting will tentatively finish by the end of January. "My guess is that it will be released next fall." Golden said.

Miss McGraw first portrayed a Cliffie in the recent movie Goodbye, Columbus.