Tufts Board of Trustees To Vote On Revisions in Governing System

The Tufts Board of Trustees is meeting today to consider proposals that would change the governing system of the university.

A study committee set up by the Board of Trustees last spring has recommended changes, that if passed, could allow increased faculty, student, and alumni participation in the decision-making processes.

"The Board wasn't under any pressure to form the committee," said Michael F. Bower, Chairman of the Tufts Community Union, and one of the student members of the committee. "No one was about to take over any buildings here last year. The trustees just realized that they were becoming too insulated from students and faculty," he added.

The 12-member study group, comprised of three trustees, three alumni, three faculty members, and three students, has recommended:

Broadening the age distribution of trustee members by eliminating the present requirement that only graduates of ten years standing are eligible.


Including equal numbers of students, faculty members, and trustees, on the trustee nominating committee.

Allowing student and faculty participation on the committees of the 26-member Board of Trustees.

Limiting trustees' terms of office to ten years.

"The whole report could turn out to be a big fraud, though," Bower said last night. "Even if the trustees pass the resolutions, it's still possible that students will only be allowed to sit in on committee meetings and not be permitted voting rights. Relaxing the age restrictions doesn't mean the trustees have to vote in any younger members."

"The passage of the report can be a start, but it is not in itself a major step forward." he said.