Yale Coeds Gel Uninvited Guests

Yale's new coeds had an unexpected break from daily routine earlier this week when a 30-year-old exhibitionist completely unzipped himself before several girls at Pierson College.

"We were just paralyzed for about ??n seconds. When we screamed he went away." one Pierson girl said.

Another Pierson girl was interrupted in the shower by a young New Haven boy who wanted to join her.

Yale officials expressed concern over the intrusions, but said that they could be regarded as isolated incidents only. Pierson's female residents were not as complacent, however.

Mixed Housing


Lindsay Young, a Yale sophomore, said the girls were proposing a plan for mixed housing to Pierson master John Hersey. "We would like to have boys move in on the first and third floors next semester. With all the girls in one entry, it makes it easier for a pervert to find us." she said.

Mrs. Elga Wasserman, special assistant to the president on the education of women, said yesterday that any changes in Yale's housing due to these incidents are unlikely before January.

Yale University police chief James McNulty emphasized that these were isolated incidents. but said that his men would apprehend future intruders. Although the exhibitionist is-still at large. McNulty said of his 43-man force. "We're right up to snuff."

The intrusions bring to mind the phantom foot nibbler of 1967 and 1968 who had the habit of caressing unsuspecting females feet in Yale's Sterling Library. He was never caught.