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Drugs Usage High In Pro Sports


O. J. Simpson and Denny McLain, in a conversation with a reporter from Sport Magazine, indicated that drug usage is common and is likely to continue in professional sports. Part of the discussion follows:

SIMPSON: "I know guys who take those bennies and I think it's more of a psychological thing than physical."

McLAIN: "I know guys who take them in baseball and I think they work."

SPORT: "Do you think this trend will intensify in the 70s and maybe get out of hand?"

SIMPSON: "I think it's gonna keep going because the competition is tougher and there's more need for it. Whenever there is a need for it, somebody's gonna fill it. . . Well. I've seen guys in college taking bennies and stuff like that. That's everywhere, I don't care what anybody says. There's guys on just about everything in football. Maybe even in baseball they take bennies and stuff to get up for a game. And football is such an emotional game.

McLAIN: "Sure, you look at baseball: We play 162 ballgames and boy you need something to get you up."

SPORT: "We've heard about a starting pitcher taking a couple before a game and then going out and getting knocked out in the first inning and he's gone for the next five house."

McLAIN: "I've seen it too, old buddy."

SPORT: "Well, because of the injury factor and the fact that you have to perform and perform well, do you think this trend will continue?"

McLAIN: "It has to."

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