University Does Not Know Size of Afro-Studies Dept.

More than a month after the beginning of the term, figures are still unavailable for the number of concentrators in the Department of Afro-American Studies.

Ewart Guinier, professor of Afro-American Studies and chairman of the department, said Friday he did not "know how many people are concentrating in the department, since the Registrar hasn't given us the figure yet." Guinier added, however, that no one who applied for admission to the department and was interviewed had been rejected.

According to Azinna Niwafor '64, assistant professor of Afro-American Studies and head tutor in the department, there are about 35 sophomore concentrators.

The Registrar's office had no concentration figures available Friday, but a spokesmen in the Records Department said that concentration statistics are not compiled "until the end of the school year."



Paul Spickard 72 an Afro-American Studies concentrator said he thought "there are approximately 25 or 30 people in the department," but that as many as 150 have attended lectures in Afro-American Studies 95, a colloquium required of all concentrators. Guinier is coordinator of the colloquium which meets once a week in large groups to hear guest lecturers and once a week in small seminars. Meetings with guest speakers are open to non-concentrators, Nwafor said.

Last Spring, 23 sophomores indicated a desire to concentrate in Afro-American Studies, but over the summer this figure grew to 70. Nwafor said that because of the lack of resources in the department, an effort was made to limit the number of concentrators to 50.

Interviews were scheduled during the first two weeks of this term, Nwafor said, but not all of the 70 appeared for interviews, enabling everyone who was interviewed to be accepted by the department.

Concentration requirements have not yet been decided, but must be before next. Fall, Guinier said. He said an executive committee will be formed to decide concentration requirements after the department receives a fourth faculty member who has either tenure or a University term-appointment of 2 years.