Students Jeer NAC Canvassers; Anti-War Rally To Be Held Today

Jeering students harassed members of the November Action Coalition yesterday afternoon as they canvassed against the war in Cambridge and Boston high schools.

About two dozen NAC members met in what they called "street debates" after hours with students at the Boston English and Cambridge High and Latin Schools. They discussed the war, United Fruit, General Motors, and Bobby Seale, and handed out copies of Right On, a radical high school newspaper published by the Massachusetts Liberation Front.

But few high school radicals were present yesterday, as copies of Right On were shredded and thrown into the mud. Political questions posed by NAC canvassers were answered mainly by catcalls and sneers.

"We don't want your Commie revolution," one Boston English student said. A football player added, "No athletes should listen to these faggots. Let's go downstairs to practice." He was cheered.

At Cambridge High and Latin, two students on a motorcycle roared past the canvassers, striking out at them.


NAC spokesmen dismissed threats by the high school students, saying. "We'll come back if they want to talk. but not if they want to bust our skulls."

The march organizers said, however, they were "very encouraged" by wide college and community support for today's 1 p.m. rally at Government Center Plaza. They called the planned march to the Copely Square Draft Board "non-militant, non-obstructive, and non-obstreperous." Speakers will include representatives of the Fort Dix G. I. Movement and Jerry Rubin of the "Conspiracy S."