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Soaking Up the Bennies

By Bennett H. Beach

I owe it all to Captain Crunch. My success, that is, I was helpless without him since all summer in Mt. Kisco he was by my side, but once I got up here, he was nowhere to be found. By a stroke of good fortune, I found him waiting for me in Sage's the other day. Now with his guidance, there is no doubt in my mind that I can predict with an accuracy of 94 per cent or better.

I noticed a lot of people jumping on me after I picked the Mets to win the first game of the Series last weekend. But I think it is not details which are important, but an overall grasp of the situation and an all-encompassing knowledge. So though I erred on game number one. I showed an awareness of what was to come. I think that is significant. So I try once more.

COLUMBIA-YALE: The Lions should be hungry after their game in Cambridge last Saturday. But you've got to kill it before you can eat it, and therein lies one of the problems. Columbia lost two of its best players against Harvard, and though one of the replacements is a Westchester boy, there appears to be little way that the boys from New York City can beat the Bulldogs. Yale's offensive attack is improving and is balanced, but it has yet to play a decent first half. The Elis, however, will have to play 60 minutes of very poor football to lose. I could predict an upset, but instead I predict Yale will win, 35-10.

PRINCETON-COLGATE: Didn't Yale beat Colgate? Yet Princeton has some injuries to worry about, and Scott MacBean may not play. Actually, the thought of this game bores me to death. And that's quite a statement from a person who found it exciting to write obituaries for the Patent Trader during the summer. But now that I've started, and since I've no knowledge to put here. I'll pick the Tigers, perhaps 21-17.

PENN-LEHIGH: The Engineers are quite carried away with themselves after last week's upset of Rutgers, and with reason. No preseason picker thought Lehigh would be too tough, and now the fools are regretting it. I have a feeling that the Engineers, rather than coasting after their big win, will be up, in a strict ideological departure from the yoyo tendencies which some football teams display. Meanwhile, Penn has a bunch of injured players. They will play each other on the astroturf, but the Ouakers are too down in the dumps. Look for Lehigh, 14-10.

BROWN-DARTMOUTH: Day do run, run, run, day do run, run, Dartmouth runs. For that matter, Brown runs, Jane runs. But the team from Hanover runs more and it runs better. The Bruins have had some tough luck, and the Indians have had nothing but good luck. Sad to see such inequity is such an honorable fellowship of athletic teams, but it is with good judgement that I award a complimentary Bennies Locker Room Zit-Popping Kit to Brown this weekend to keep the Bruins minds off the game. Brown still has some sidelined players, while Dartmouth is in excellent health. It is with great regret that I choose the Indians to win, 35-7.

HARVARD-CORNELL: Ricky Nelson was a travelling man. If he were a Hardvard student-jock (not such an outrageous thought), he'd be in Ithaca today to see our boys win. I'm in Cambridge, which I guess indicates something. But on to the game, Harvard will win, and Cornell will lose. The Crimson is healthier today, and can rest assured that the Big Red has no tricks- Ed Marinaro will run the ball on at least three-quarters of the plays. That's all there is to say about this or any other game today. But the score should be noted: 24-10.

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