Harvard Fast To Begin With Dedication Service

The Harvard Moratorium Committee announced yesterday that it will begin its planned fast for peace at 1 p.m. tomorrow with a Dedication Ceremony in Memorial Church.

The Ceremony will feature as speakers I. A. Richards, University Professor, emeritus; Everett I. Mendelsohn, associate professor or History and Science: Charles Price, preacher to the University Michael Harrington. Congressman-elect from Massachusetts: and author Jonathan Kosei.

Fast Rebates

The Administration announced yesterday that rebates for meals missed by fasting students will total over $3500.

The rebate on each meal. Dean May said, will be $1???.

The Moratorium Committee has collected pledges from over 1700 Harvard undergraduates committing them to the two-day ??? . More than 300 Radcliffe undergraduates have signed a similar pledge.


The money from meal rebates will be turned over to the HU? at Harvard and RUS at Radcliffe to be sent to the American Friends Service Committee. The AFSC will use the money to fund medical projects in Vietnam.

Unprecedented Decision

May cited impending changes in the meal contract system as a major influence in the unprecedented decision to offer rebates on meals. "We are near enough to a departure from the strict restrictions we have had in the past that it would have been unduly bureaucratic to deny this request on the grounds of a lack of precedent" he said. May brought the proposal before the Committee on Houses, which approved it last Friday.

George Wald, Higgins Professor of Biology, announced support for the fast yesterday and blasted President Nixon's war policy. "As far as I can see. President Nixon's present plan is to prolong the war and institutionalize it." he said.