Yurt Sprouts at Radcliffe Yard

The yurt has returned to Radcliffe Yard.

The yurt a circular wood hut modeled after a Mongol hut made of skins. The first yurt, built last Fall in the Radcliffe Yard, was displaced by the new Education School library. The present yurt is safely located near the corner of Garden St. and Appian Way and differs from the last yurt in having a sod-covered roof.

William E. Schroeder '60, lecturer on Education and one of the builders of the yurt, plans to begin holding office hours in the yurt after Christmas, and to teach a seminar there next term. "It's sort of our feeling that a proper space for informal meetings doesn't exist in the University," he said.

Yurt School

The present yurt, like its predecessor, was planned by William S. Coperthwaite, a student last year at the Ed School. He has built close to 70 yurts throughout the country and is working now on a school of yurts in New Hampshire.

Schroeder said that one yurt is enough for him, and that he has no plans to build any others. "It's not the kind of thing you can impose on anyone," he said.