Biafra Can Be Saved, Group 'Says at Rally

More than 200 people came through the snow last night to demonstrate their support for Biafran relief efforts at the Unitarian Universalist Service Commit-the (UUSC) rally for Biafra.

The rally centered on the theme of "hope and horror," contrasting slides of native-run hospitals and relief camps with pictures of starving lbo children.

"The new crisis in Biafra has not been publicized," Peter A. McClelland, assistant professor of Economics, said at the rally. "Last spring, when shipments of food were at their highest level, the Biafrans were barely fending off starvation. Those shipments are now at half their spring level."

The speakers stressed that feeding Biafra was not an impossible task. Dr. Michael K. Rees, a physician who served in Biafra, said, "What Biafra needs most now is money for food and medicine. Biafran doctors are very competent but they need supplies."

"An important thing now is just to keep the issue alive, just to make people realize what is going on over there," said Richard A. Steckel of the UUSC.