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Soaking Up the Bennies

By Bennett H. Beach

Captain Crunch is alive and well in the Quincy House JCR. Through the combined efforts of Seadog and Broderick Crawford, the great captain was found stumbling through the hills of Pocatello. Idaho, looking for his lost ship. He has no recollection of his captors, so the mystery remains unsolved. But he has recovered and is helping me out again. Indeed, we can all sleep a bit more soundly again.

Those of you who are keeping a record of my accuracy, and I'm sure there are many of you, have noticed that 12 of my last 13 prophecies have come to pass. I've got momentum now, and it's going to take a mighty force to derail me. I'm fortunate again today to have a fairly predictable bunch of games, and probably only the Princeton Yale affair could turn out to be a blemish. But Coach Yovicsin has acknowledged how difficult it often is to make such prognostications, "Hell, I don't know anything about comparing football teams." he said after the Princeton game. "I don't know how you guys predict games." he added. Nor do I.

PENN-COLUMBIA: This is today's real sleeper: bring a pillow. Reports indicate that both teams will be trying to win, and it is encouraging to think that, in all probabilit, one will be successful. The Quakers gained 11 yards on the ground last weekend, and if they can duplicate that feat today, then maybe even the Lions could win or tie, or what have you. Penn, on pride, 21-14.

CORNELL DARTMOUTH: All the girls up in Hanover are singing an old standard standard these days-"I Want to be Bobby's Girl". in honor of coach Bob Blackman. Year after year, he makes it. No matter what kind of rejects arrive in the small New England farm town, they come together to form good football teams. As Katie Winters can tell you. Bob Blackman's got a secret. One of his tricks today will be a Houseparty Weekend. He said earlier this week, "This will be Houseparty Weekend at Dartmouth, so it won't take any extra urging for our players want to play their best possible football." Got to impress all the parents and little sisters. Cornell doesn't impress me an awful lot, and though the Big Green may be thinking about Princeton. I'd have to go with the Indians, 38-10.

PRINCETON-YALE: This is like pitting Captain Hook versus Tinkerbell-Tinkerbell without wings even. Yale's been faking it most of the way, and since I originally picked the Elis to finish seventh, they've got to start doing some heavy losing pronto. The Tigers are without Brian McCullough today, but there are some top boys behind him, so it shouldn't be a crucial setback. When he sang his autobiography. "Tiger." Fabian wasn't convincing. But Princeton plays the part well. Too much for the Big Blue. Perhaps, 35-17.

HARVARD-BROWN: A biggie If Elvis Presley and Paul Anka made comebacks, maybe John Yovicsin and Harvard football can, too. But if not in Providence, when pray tell? One hopeful sign is that Fred Gajewski's finger is healed, and the Gorilla says he's ready to plug up some of those big holes again. Yovicsin said last Saturday to the press. "We're not a real good football team. I'm sure you fellows know that. "Well, today he and his boys go to Providence with reasonable hopes of bringing back an even record. Look, Sec Joe throw. Brown's had a disappointing year, and if the Bruins expect a letup today, they might as well expect Patches to be washed up on the bank of the river down by the coal mine-alive. 21-7.

PROTESTORS-SILENT MAJORITY: Game of the week. The silent majority outweighs the visitors, but what the protestors lack in brawn they make up for in thought. In Captain Agnew, the majority has an inspiring leader, but he's likely to run 100 yards the wrong way with the ball. The protestors, in a romp.

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