Errand Boys Charge Grocer Cheated Them

Three Cambridge high-school students are picketing Savenor's Market, 92 Kirkland Street, claiming that Savenor's cheated them out of $280 for their work as errand boys last year.

The three boys--Frank Cresta, his brother Vincent, and Michael Alexandra--will present their grievances before the State Labor Mediation Board this week.

Frank Cresta, 15, said yesterday that Jack Savenor, the manager of the store, told them he was playing them the minimum wage of $1.60 an hour, when he was actually paying them only $1.30 an hour.

Big Business

Savenor firmly denied the charges. "We run a $2 million business," Savenor said yesterday. "I couldn't risk that to gyp some kids out of a few cents," he added. Savenor accused the boys of carrying anti-Semitic slogans on their picket signs and shouting at him, "Hitler should have gotten you, too." Cresta said this was not true.

Savenor, whose market serves many Harvard students living in the Holden Green apartment complex across the street, said the pickets were not hurting his business.