Concert Planned For Afro Center

The Harvard University Choir will give a memorial concert for Martin Luther King on March 23, and will contribute the proceeds of the concert to the Institute for Afro-American studies proposed in the Rosovsky Report.

The choir--hoping to raise $3000---will perform Bach's Passion According to St. John in Memorial Church, John Ferris, University organist, said yesterday. Memorial Church will sponsor the concert so that all profits may go to the Institute.

Ferris said that the memorial concert had originally been planned by a committee in Boston headed by Mrs. James Olson. Mrs. Olson suggested to Ferris that the University Choir perform in conjunction with community groups in Symphony Hall. A number of prominent singers, including George Shirley of the Metropolitan Opera company, volunteered to participate in this concert. However, not enough money was raised for it, and the plans fell through.

The concert now being planned by the University Choir will only involve Harvard. It will be the one concert given by the choir this spring