Crime Sports Seeks Writers

Undergraduates with a sleeping passion for becoming part of the least selective but most widely read branch of the CRIMSON's hierarchy -- THE CRIMSON SPORTS BOARD--should crawl through the snow tonight or Wednesday night and come to introductory meetings for the CRIMSON Spring Competition.

Meet those two wizards of the Sports media--Smiling Pete Lennon and dashing Ben Beach, the world's smallest assistant sports editor; and drink all the beer you can hold to make the icy trip worthwhile.

Learn how to make use of our season passes to the Bruins and Celtics games. Cover the hockey team in Colorado at the National tournament; go to Hawaii on the basketball team's next winter trip; go to New York with the track team for the IC4A's.

Positions are open for all sports, and you can even write for the News Board whenever and as much as you want. Typing with one finger is the only preliminary requirement, but we'll teach you how to hob-nob with the greatest sports figures of our times--Floyd Wilson, John Yovicsin, Wild Bill McCurdy, Edo, Yaz, Bobby and Satch.

Impress your friends with a CRIMSON byline and never pay admission to another Harvard sports event in your undergraduate days.

Freshman writers are especially welcome so that the Athletic Secretary for Greenough won't feel slighted that we didn't cover his basketball games, but upperclassmen should enjoy our parties and beer, too.