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When there's two feet of snow on the ground and three feet of slush in the streets, people in Cambridge tend to find strange escapes. Some even take to snow-diving, a cold but existential sport.

If that doesn't suit you, try coming to the CRIMSON comp introductory meeting (7:30 tonight). The building, located at 14 Plympton St., in beautiful downtown Cambridge, is warm, and there'll be plenty of free beer for all.

While you're here, the people who put out the paper each day will tell you how it's done, from the typewriters to the ink-splattered press downstairs.

The news board will give you the word on covering Harvard, the City, and the nation. The editorial board welcomes future Tom Wickers, and the photo and business boards are only too glad to initiate you into their occult arts. A sportswriter or two may even be around to say a few words about the jock world.

After the speeches and tours are over, and the beer and pretzels vanished, some of you may leave the building for good. Some will stay, join the comp, and spend time around the CRIMSON. After all, you can always try jumping into snow banks in your spare time.

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