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The Harvard Undergraduate Council will ask the Committee on Houses to open the Union and all house dining halls to Radcliffe students and guests for dinner seven days a week.


A report prepared for the HUC by committee-member William H. Guenther '72 recommends that interhouse be extended to all dinners and suggests a possible plan for complete interhouse lunches.

Guenther distributed his report to HUC members at a full Council meeting last night. It will be submitted to the Committee on Houses for action at its meeting March 12 after receiving formal HUC approval next week.

Arguing that house dining halls are not overcrowded on nights when interhouse is available, the report concludes that "there is no practical reason for hesitation in this area."

Complete Interhouse

It also presents a plan for possible application next Fall to end lunch service in several Radcliffe dining halls.

With lunch-time crowding eased by the projected opening of the Mather House dining hall, the plan would make complete interhouse lunches possible without financial loss to Radcliffe.

Student Union

In a final recommendation, "consciously outside the bounds of this report," Guenther asks that a student-faculty committee be appointed to consider the probability of setting up a student union at Harvard, "in the sense of an expanded Lehman Hall, not in the line of an all-encompassing social center."

More Interaction

Many members of the HUC view this move as consistent with the ever-increasing efforts to maximize interaction between Harvard men and Cliffies. By sharing social experiences such as dining as well as formal academic instruction in the classroom, it is hoped that more of the advantages of coeducation may be realized.


Ultimately, the plan may be a stepping-stone on the way to full coeducation and the complete merger of Harvard and Radcliffe as envisaged by the action of the Radcliffe Council last Saturday.

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