Hungary to Free Henrietta Blueye, State Dept. Says

Henrietta Blueye, the Radcliffe student arrested last August in Hungary, will probably be released early next week, a State Department official said Tuesday.

Mary I. Bunting, president of Radcliffe, said she knew nothing about the prospective release. "Miss Blueye's mother promised to let us know if there was anything Radcliffe could do to help," Mrs. Bunting said.

Miss Blueye was tried on October 30, 1968, and sentenced to six months in prison, dating from her arrest on August 11. The six months will be up on February 11. "We would assume she would be released at that time," the official said.

Miss Blueye was charged with helping a man attempt to leave the country illegally. Her Italian co-defendant was sentenced to a year in prison.

An appeal of Miss Blueye's sentence has not yet been heard. It is scheduled for February 10, one day before she should be released.

"There should be no difficulties in getting Miss Blueye out of the country," the State Department official said.