Harvard Has Dropped Parietal Sign-In Rules

House parietal sign-in books have been abolished since Jan. 15 but it has taken Harvard upperclassmen three weeks to notice the change.

Eugene Kinasewich, secretary of the Faculty Committee on Houses, said that the Masters reached their unanimous decision after reviewing the Harvard Undergraduate Council report on parietals.

Parietal sign-in sheets in the Yard were abolished Feb. 5 when F. Skiddy von Stade Jr. '38, dean of freshmen, called a meeting of the freshman proctors. He said that his resolution to remove sign-in sheets met no opposition from the proctors.

Von Stade explained that he is trying to follow along as closely as possible with the Houses, but he cautioned that he did not believe there would be extended parietal hours for freshmen in the near future.

Richard T. Gill '48, Master of Leverett House, explained that he voted to remove sign-in books because they were "just not doing any good" and were "a source of discomfort to some."

A Cliffie senior said, "It's nice. But no one paid attention to them anyway--no one cares about anything anymore."