Frishta grabbed his arm, digging into it with her fingernails "what did they say, you bastard! Please, tell me. I want to know."

"Good God Frishta! Please don't move me!"

Brian's voice was asphyxiated, alarming. Frishta let go of him. "Brian? tears stopped. His eyes darted uncontrollably about the room.

Mick, Phil and Maureen, and Tom entered the room noisily. Frishta looked at them dumbly.

Mick, unnoticing, stood before her with the others grinning behind him. His hands were at his sides. "Frishta, I've decided that only you should have the honor of starting this first small joint." He showed her his hand. The white shaft of a cigarette disappeared up his cuff. He pulled it out dramatically. Frishta's eyes widened. She laughed. It was a foot long, slightly bowed.


Phil jumped up and down, "I can't believe it! I can't believe it!," finally carrying Maureen down on the floor with him.

Frishta held the cigarette in front of Brian. His eyes Mick lit it for her. "Look, it even draws!"

Frishta held htt cigarette in front of Brian. His eyes focused on it. He smiled, and looked at the faces around him. He took the cigarette. "This looks like a Mick." Mick smiled.

Brian gave the cigarette to Phil, who lay on his back, Maureen struggling to free herself. Phil held the cigarette straight up in his mouth, and puffed furiously. "Look at my smokestack!"

Sitvar entered from the kitchen with Aleck. "How much does this mescaline cost? I've only heard ridiculous prices."

Phil shouted and jerked up swiping at his face. "God damn it, Mick!" The burning ember had dropped onto his forehead.

Mick said, "It's not my fault you were a stupid smokestack." He took the cigarette for himself. Phil murmured "First Aid" and left for the bathroom.

Aleck revealed on his palm a pile of standard-sized hand-rolled. "Sitvar and I thought one apiece, for a start." He threw a cigarette to everyone, then resumed with Sitvar, "He told me ten bob a cap, so I can get it for you at that."

Mick began with Frishta, "You don't want just one drag from the longest joint in the world, do you?"

Maureen, finding herself alone, smiled at Tom. "Light mine, Tom?"

Tom struck a match and sighed as if to reconcile himself. "It's been a long time, Maureen."

Phil bounded back from the kitchen and seized Brian by the shoulders. "Do you realize how much there is? We're going to make