Hecklers Debate On Coeducational Living

Shouts of "source," "smut," and "time's up" filled the room as members of English N debated the resolution "Co-education with Radcliffe is a Pox on Harvard" in the course's eleventh heckling debate last night in Boylston Auditorium.

The hecklers seemed to win as they drowned out the affirmative and negative teams' arguments that, although Cliffies are not desirable, cohabitation is.

John F. Hyland Jr. '69 pleaded for the exclusion of Cliffies from Houses. He said, "You have friends in the entryway whom you can play poker with now. "Cliffies play, too," a heckler responded. John continued, "But if Cliffies were there. . . " "You'd play strip poker," an audience member said.

Thomas R. Remeika '70, a negative team member, argued for coeducation as a training ground. "Anyone who could make it through four years with Cliffies around could handle any situation in the outside world," he said.

There are two heckling debates each term as part of the course work for English N, Irving J. Rein, lecturer in Public Speaking, said. He added that the debates give students a chance to respond to a live audience outside the classroom, "The emphasis is on humor--this is not a study thing," he added.


The hecklers stopped talking at the end of each speech to applaud.