Ed School Dean Names Committee To Examine Student Participation

Theodore R. Sizer, dean of the School of Education, has appointed five faculty members and four students to a special committee to study the role students should play in determining school policy.

The Ed School faculty authorized Sizer (at its last meeting on March 5) to create a Committee on Student Participation. This committee would "prepare for faculty consideration a bill of particulars regarding specific student involvement on committees and in other policy-forming activities of the school."

Sizer named Walter McCann, lecturer in Education, as chairman of the committee. Other faculty members are Robbert L. Church, assistant professor of Education and History; Harold C. Hunt, Charles William Eliot Professor of Education; Christopher S. Jencks '58, lecturer in Education; and Florence C. Shelton, research associate in Education.

Committee Members

The committee's student representatives--all of them candidates for doctorates in education--include Susan Contratto, Charles I. Glenn, Rogier I. Gregoire, and Wood Smethurst. One more student will be named to the group.


Seven of the committee members met Tuesday and agreed to solicit "views and suggestions" from Ed School students and faculty members not on the committee before meeting again after Spring vacation.