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Cliffies are circulating a petition to demand more police protection.

The petition will be presented to Mary I. Bunting, president of Radcliffe, according to Adele M. Rosen '70, one of the organizers of the action.

The specific demands of the petition are:

* An increase in police patrols of the Radcliffe Quad and surrounding areas including Avon St., Garden St., Shepard St., and all of Linnaean St.

* Greater police protection in all Radcliffe housing, dormitories, and off-campus housing.

The petition also calls for "greater vigilance on the part of the students."

Miss Rosen stated that she did not know how many girls had signed the petition thus far, but added, "I assume everyone will sign it."

Robert Tonis, chief of the University Police, said that he had not heard about the petition. Tonis said that many "unusual incidents" go unreported, and add- general observations on the Divinity Schools's obligations to blacks, and gave fourteen recommendations to be implemented as soon as possible.

The Divinity School Faculty will have to approve the report before any action is taken, Burkholder said.

The general observations made by the report were:

* Theological schools have an obligation to set up special programs to provide leadership to black churches;

* Harvard Divinity School, only four of whose eight black students are American, will be bypassed by the many qualified black students graduating from colleges in the next ten years unless it "is prepared to make a deliberate effort to understand and to meet the needs of the black churches."

* Despite the cultural and religious gap between Harvard Divinity School and most black churches, Harvard is in a strong position to prepare men for high quality leadership among black churches.

Among the recommendations were:

* Appointing a permanent student-Faculty committee on theological education for the black community to continue the work of Burkholder's committee;

* Starting a major recruiting drive with the aid of the Divinity School's black students and offering several nationally advertised black student scholarship;

* Finding a black faculty member this Spring to help start the recruiting drive and eventually go on to teaching and field education projects in black churches;

* Considering admitting inadequately prepared black students who could be given a program of remedial studies;

* Asking the National Committee of Black Churchmen for a "black audit" of curriculum, recruiting, and placement;

* Increasing field education positions in black churches;

* Appointing a black member of the Visiting Committee.

"I'm personally very pleased with the report," Burkholder said yesterday. "I believe it's constructive and realistic.

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