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The Mail


To the Editors of The CRIMSON:

I would like to thank Crime reporters Kutik and Bruck for the free advertising they gave me in their coverage of Wednesday's University Hall occupation. However, I neither warrant nor need the publicity.

Believe it or not, there are two Alan Winslows. I am the other one. .m Alan F., '47 is a Cambridge resident who, in public statements, opposes ROTC. Alan A., '49 is a Wellesley resident who, as a grateful recipient of an Air force commission through ROTC at Harvard, staunchly supports the program. Alan A. is indeed an industrial engineer at Harvard and, frankly, his work is made more difficult when he is erroniously credited with saying "... risk my ass for what I believe in. And stick it out inside the building."

Rather than suggesting such a ridiculous posture, (not my best,) I was, at that hour, attempting to resolve several matters of conscience regarding my 1968 federal income tax return with an unsympathetic accountant.

My advice, and I don't mind being quoted, is that those who want ROTC, or anything else that's available, should have it--and accept the consequences. Those who don't want ROTC, or anything else that's available, shouldn't have it--and accept the consequences. alan A. Winslow '49   Industrial Engineer,   Harvard University

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