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(The CRIMSON has been asked to print the following letter, which is addressed to all students at Harvard and Radcliffe. --Ed.)

We as teaching members of the Harvard community are united with one another and with students in feeling the urgency of the need for co-operative action to improve Harvard--its instruction, its student life, its governance, its relation with the wider community. We feel that terrible mistake have been made, and that all of us have a responsibility to deal with their consequences.

We pledge to work so that the committee to be established in accordance with the vote of last Friday will be democratically elected, and that it will include faculty and students as full voting members. We further pledge that it will begin its work at once, not only to study, but also to recommend action upon the substantive issues raised by various members of the University community. Among these issues are: the status of ROTC, the expansion of Harvard University, Afro-American Studies, the occupation of University Hall on April 9, the police action on April 10, and the suspension of scholarships.

We as teachers strongly believe that our students must be heard. We as teachers also have a demand: it is that we work together in a rational atmosphere and compassionate spirit. Juan Marichal  Samuel Popkin  Benjamin I. Schwartz Laurence Wylie  Martin Peretz  Robert A. Rothstein William Paul  Ezra F. Vogel  Barrington Moore Jr. Daniel Seltzer  Raymond Siever  Stephen Jay Gould John Womack Jr.  Roy M. Hofheinz  James S. Ackerman Lance C. Buhl  I. Bernard Cohen  Leon Kirchner Neil Harris  James R. Kurth  Harry Levin Doris Kearns  John M. Cooper  Stanley Hoffman Daniel Field  Robert Jervis  John Rawis Max Krook  John Raduer  George Wald R. A. Cone  Daniel Horowitz  Kenneth J. Arrow Roger Rosenblatt  Micheal Walzer  Robert G. Gardner Morton White  Owen Gingerich  Roy J. Glauber Martin Karplus  Gerals Holton  Sydney Colemana Mark Ptashne  Roderick Firth  Gwilym Owen Earl Kim  Stanley Cavell  Paul Cocks Francis Hutchins  Alex Inkeles  Thomas E. Crooks J. D. Watson  Y. C. Ho  Robert P. Burden Richard Cone  Ralph Mitchell  Howard C. Rachlin John Raper  George Fix  Nathaniel Carleton Abraham Flexer  Peter Persham  James C. Thomson Johan Hellebust  Myron B. Fiering  Charles F. Cleland Wassily Leontief  Steve J. Poulos  Ronald W. P. King J. R. Mcintosh  Basur Rama Rao  Lloyd A. Spielman Peter Hepler  A. K. Solomon  Henry Ehrenreich R. P. Levine  Eric Carlson  Alexander Dalgarno David R. Walters  Carter Wilson  Charles A. Whitney Richard McCray  William Alfred  Charles W. Burnham Charles G. Gross  Gerald M. Platt  Howard B. Emmons D. A. Harnett  Irving J. Rein  Peter S. McKinney Carp; S. Deppe  Michael Fried  John W. Hutchinson Patrica L. Foster  Charles S. Maier  Thomas D. Wegmann Francisco Varela  D. W. Del Tredici  Joseph P. Manson David V. Cross  H. B. Fell  T. J. Shankland Hildur Colot  David Kendrick  R. Z. Kothavala Richard Geody  Curtis Callan  Rorrest J. Robinson Werner Stumm  Philip Stewart  Karl V. Testor R. Victor Jones  Paul Roazen  Patrick T. Riley Stephen Benton  J. F. Hayes  Harry P. Kerr N. Bloemberger  James R. H.  Karl C. Diller I. J. Dan Ziger  Hightower  Fotis C. Kafatos

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