Business School

One thousand Business School students, Faculty, and administrators voted in a mass meeting yesterday to defeat resolutions endorsing the teaching fellow demands and suspending normal classes for two days.

By a 288653-59 vote, those at the mass meeting decided to defeated a resolution to "endorse the demands of the Teaching Fellow Committee, as amended, which were endorsed at the April 14 meeting of the Harvard Community in Harvard Stadium."

The other resolution was defeated by a 265-589-0 vote. It called for "suspension of normal classes for two days" to devote time to organized discussion of the issues raised, with the aim of developing a viable plan of action."

Only about 600 of the 100 attending were in the MBA program. The remainder were Faculty and middle-aged executives in special Business School courses.

Many MBA students said that those students enrolled in special non-degree courses should have had their votes counted separately. A motion to have separate votes for those in the special program was defeated 432-560.

A letter in today's CRIMSON explains the dissatisfaction of some of the MBA students.

Today another Student Association poll will be taken. Yesterday's meeting voted 577-502 "that any substantive issues indentified" in the meeting "be put to a written referendum vote of the entire Business School community."

The first Business School mass meeting was held on Tuesday. A Student Association poll on whether to strike was repudiated at that time but one-third of the Business School students filled it out anyway. They voted by a five-to-one margin not to strike.