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By Benito Playa

At noon today about 1200 insane people are going to line up Hopkinton with the sober intention of running 26 miles and 385 yards. The occasion for this lemming-like stampede is the 73rd Boston Marathon.

The Marathon is made up of about three different races. First, there are a number of runners who are going to try to win. Then, there is a much larger group of more realistic people attempting to finish in respectible time. Finally, there are the clowns who are out for the fun of it, perhaps hoping to finish. But without the clowns, the Marathon would lose a lot of its color.

It would also lose a lot of color it Jock Semple disassociated himself from the great event. Jock used to try to evict the girls from the race since they are illegal, but he's given up on that. Now he just curses at anything that attracts his attention and condemns the jokers in his Marathon. But Jock likes a few people.

Those few are John Kelley the elder, John J. Kelley, Amby Burfoot, Ron Daws, Pat McMahon, and an assortment of Mexicans, Japanese, and others. These are the men who might win, with the exception of the 61-years-old Kelley. They make the Boston event one that is respected internationally for its array of running talents.

Harvard is well represented this year, as always. Unofficial counts show that 16 aspirants from the College are planning to run, with 15 graduate students also entered. The focus for Harvard partisans is on the competition between the CRIMSON and the Yale Daily News. The News' Tom Warren and Neil Wilkof will challenge Jim Fallows and Tiny Beach of the CRIMSON.

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