Bio Faculty Approves Change in Curriculum

The Biology faculty unanimously voted to reduce the number of courses in the 10 to 20 series required to biology concentrators. It lowered the requirement from four courses to three, following the recommendation of a student-faculty committee.

The faculty also accepted the committee's suggestions that it offer credit for the optional tutorial, try to distribute courses more evenly between semesters, and establish courses in vertebrate physiology, behavior, and ecology.

Hustace H. Scott '70, one of the three students on the Committee on undergraduate Students and Studies said, "The students I've contacted have said the faculty's action was great as a first step." He added the faculty has been "co-operative and very willing to be helpful."

Students have been sitting on the committee since last February when a number of biology concentrators complained about the dearth of lower level courses. The other issues came up at meetings of the concentrators and in a questionnaire.

"There is a good possibility that we'll have a physiology course next year," said Abraham S. Flexer, assistant professor of Biology and one of the five faculty members on the committee. A proposed course in behavioral ecology, he added, is "very much up in the air."

"It is certainly the sentiment of the department that we should make ever effort to try for these courses for next year." Flexer said. "But there are technical problems of money, scheduling, rooms, and finding the right people.