Pusey, Lipset to Talk To House on 'Unrest'

President Pusey and Seymour Martin Lipset, professor of Government and Social Relations, will testify next week before a House subcommittee investigating college unrest.

A spokesman for the House Special subcommittee on Education said yesterday that Pusey will appear before the subcommittee on May 8, and that Lipset will testify the following day.

The subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Edith Green (D-Ore.) has been holding hearings on campus unrest periodically during the current session of Congress. Other witnesses appearing during the four days of hearings scheduled for next week include Roblen W. Fleming, president of Michigan University and Jacques Barzun, former provost of Columbia University, and author of a recent work on American universities.

Representatives of national SDS and black militant groups refused the subcommittee's invitation to testify during next week's hearings.

President Pusey will also appear on Meet the Press this Sunday. The Harvard Alumni Association notified alumni of Pusey's appearance by postcard this week.